Bed Shopping For Your Cat

Shopping For Cat Beds

Bed Shopping For Our Cat Overlords.

Are you tired of finding your cat snoozing on top of your perfectly made bed or a freshly washed, dried & folded pile of clothes?

Perhaps your cat is constantly pinching your poor dog’s bed, forcing him to sleep on the cold hard floor.

Whatever the reason, it’s entirely possible that you’ve had enough and your cat needs their own sleeping space.

When choosing the right bed, four factors must be considered: the size, shape, how you plan to clean it & will this offering make my Cat Overlord pleased with me.

After you’ve chosen a good Cat Bed/s, you’ll need some luck to entice your cat away from your expensive bed and pillows and into their new bed.   So, yes, you should do your research and choose a good one, as yo may have noticed, Cats are just a little fussy.

When selecting a bed for your cat, the many considerations you will take into account will be discussed later in this document but I’ll make one quick comment about Cat Bed Size.  

Add an inch or two to the length of their head from the base of their tail. If your cat prefers to sleep stretched out rather than curled up in a ball, the larger size will give them the extra space they need.

A few Cat Bed Research Tips & Tricks.

a)   Many cats would rather sleep in a secluded area than in a large open space and Hooded Beds provide extra protection and make them feel more at ease.

b)  Although not always the case, the bolster style bed that your dog probably loves are often avoided by most cats in favour of a protected sleeping arrangement.

c)   If you’re adopting a new cat, covered pod or log style cat beds are the finest option.

d)  Cat Beds with a modest lip that are easy to get in and out of will aid elderly and less mobile cats.

e)   While self-cleaning pet beds are becoming increasingly popular, they are still ineffective at removing lost hair and parasitic insects like fleas.

f)   Beds with zippered covers and removable inserts are great for tossing into the washing machine right away. When the other one is being washed, a spare cover can come in helpful so that your kitty’s bed is always available.

g)   It may be difficult to disrupt your cat’s current sleeping routines, but you must persevere. The unfamiliar, ‘Just Out Of The Factory’ scent of a new bed may turn them off.  That’s ok, washing it or putting a worn piece of clothing inside can help them accept it.

h)  Another important consideration is where to place the bed, which will be dictated by your cat’s tastes and personality. From my experience, most cats will be unable to relax in a bed in the house’s most noisy room.

Seasonal Observations About Your Cat.

When browsing for Cat beds, use whatever information you have on your cat’s favourite sleeping spots as a guide.

Consider their daily and seasonal behaviours as well. For example, if it’s a beautiful day, are you likely to find them outside?

Do you frequently find your cat snuggled behind a structure of some kind or high up and out of reach of other inhabitants of the planet?

If your cat is a new family member, find a quiet location where they can hide in the bed while still observing what’s going on around them. Cats enjoy warm environs, so put it somewhere where the sun shines.

Cats like to be above the ground when they relax, so raise the bed a few inches off the ground. Make sure it’s nice and tight, and that your cat won’t fall, roll, slip, or slide off.

If you locate a bed that your cat enjoys and then they tumble off the side of the bed a few hours later, it will be incredibly difficult to convince them that a Cat bed is better than your bed.

A cat that is new to your home or is inherently scared may prefer a cave-like bed with protection from enemy combatants such as an enthusiastic puppy.

Confident and relaxed Cat Warriors that have implanted dread in the minds of all other species in the home may be quite content with open design beds.

For easier washing, look for materials and styles that are easy to clean.

Put an item of your clothing inside your cat’s bed to associate your scent with the bed.

Exercise discretion when determining where to place the bed, it’s always best to check with your Cat first, don’t make them angry, whatever you do.

Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Kitten or Cat.

As pet parents and loyal Cat Overlord Servants, we all want the best for our Kittens or Cats.

Just like us lame humans, kittens and cats need suitable and comfortable sleeping arrangements to be in place.

Yes our feline housemates will require a safe place to rest and sleep and one that is up to their precise standards.

Providing a cosy bed for your kitten or cat is not just a luxury, but an essential part of their well-being and overall happiness.

Embrace the Reign of Our Cat Overlords.

If we are going to ever have a chance of purchasing the right bed for our Kittens or Cats, we probably need to accept the reality that nothing we ever do might be good enough for your Feline companions.

Have you ever noticed how some people refer to their pet cats as their “cat overlords”?

It may sound like a whimsical term, but there’s a grain of truth in it. Whether we like to admit it or not, cats have a way of turning the tables on us humans.

Instead of us cuddling and pampering them, we find ourselves serving their every need.

It’s a peculiar dynamic that has led many cat owners to embrace the concept of their feline companions ruling the roost.

A Quality Cat Bed Is Key to a Happy Feline Overlord.

Given the undeniable power that kittens and cats hold over us, it’s crucial that we cater to their comfort and happiness.

And what better way to do that than by providing them with the perfect cat bed?

While some may scoff at the idea of investing in a luxurious sleeping arrangement for their kitten or cat, our Feline Overlords deserve nothing less.

When choosing a cat bed, it’s important to consider your cat’s preferences.

Cats are notorious for being picky, and their sleeping habits are no exception.

Some cats prefer cosy enclosed spaces, while others enjoy sprawling out on a plush surface. By understanding your cat’s preferences, you can ensure that their bed becomes their ultimate sanctuary.

But it doesn’t stop there. Cat beds come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. From stylish designs that seamlessly blend with your home decor to self-warming options for those chilly nights, the choices are endless.

You can even find cat beds with built-in scratching posts or dangling toys to keep your feline overlord entertained.

Investing in a high-quality cat bed not only shows your dedication to your cat’s comfort but also provides them with a sense of security and ownership.

Just like a king or queen needs their throne, a cat overlord deserves a regal sleeping spot to assert their dominance.

Different Bed Requirements for Kittens and Mature Cats.

When it comes to choosing a bed for your feline overlord, it’s important to consider their age and specific needs.

Kittens have different requirements compared to mature cats, and it’s crucial to provide them with the right bed to ensure their comfort and happiness.

Considering the Fussiest of Kittens and Cats.

Cats are known for their unique personalities, long list of personal preferences and are a mostly fair ruler of humans.

When it comes to their naps, whether it’s their morning, mid morning, lunch time, post lunch, mid afternoon or evening nap, most cats will their special spots based on what time of the day it is.

Yep, Cats are fascinating creatures, and their sleeping habits can vary based on several factors throughout the day as follows:

1.    Instinctual Behaviour:   Cats have inherited instincts from their wild ancestors. In the wild, cats sleep in various places to stay safe and protect their young. For instance, mother cats might move their entire litter to a new location to ensure their safety.  Similarly, if you introduce a new pet into your home, it can alter the hierarchy among your pets. Dominant cats may claim new sleeping spots as a result1.

2.   Seasonal Changes:  Just like humans, cats adjust their preferences based on the weather. If you live in an area with distinct seasons, you’ll notice your cat seeking different spots.  During warmer months, your kitty might sprawl out in sunny areas to bask in the warmth. When it gets colder, they may snuggle under blankets or find cosy spots near heat sources.  Cats are smart about regulating their body temperature, so they’ll choose spots that keep them comfortable.

3.   Privacy Matters:  Cats value privacy. They seek out quiet, secluded spots where they won’t be disturbed. If you’ve ever woken your cat during a nap, you know how grumpy they can be!  Finding a new sleeping spot provides a sense of security. Cats are excellent hiders, so they might choose a spot you can’t easily find.

4.   Territory and Scent Marking:  Cats mark their territory with their scent. They prefer designated spaces they can call their own. You’ll often see them returning to the same sleeping spot day after day.  Cats are crepuscular, meaning they’re most active during dawn and dusk. They tend to sleep during the day and night, adjusting their spots accordingly.

You Will Need A Pen & Paper When Planning To Purchase A Cat Bed.

Our Cat’s choice of sleeping spots is influenced by a mix of instinct, comfort, privacy, and environmental factors.

If all of that’s not enough for us to think about, they tend to chop and change their mind about how they like to take a nap, sometimes they will love to curl up in a cosy spot, while other times they might prefer to stretch out and sprawl.

All of these variants could possible mean that we’ll need to buy around 75 Cat Beds per Cat (Just Joking Of Course).

In any event, understanding your cat’s sleeping habits and preferences will help you choose the perfect bed/s that suits their particular and varied needs.

Now that we understand the importance of a comfortable bed or series of beds for our Feline Overlords, friends, let’s spend the next 8 days exploring the different options available and how to choose the right one based on how your Cat is feeling about the world at the moment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cat Bed.

When faced with numerous cat bed options, it’s important to take your time and consider the following factors:

1)   Age: Kittens have different needs compared to older cats.

a.   While kittens may prefer a smaller, enclosed bed that mimics the feeling of being cuddled, mature cats may enjoy a larger bed that allows them to stretch out.

2)  Size: Consider the size of your cat when choosing a bed.

a.   Make sure it is spacious enough for them to move comfortably.

3)  Sleeping Habits: Observe how your cat sleeps.

a.   Do they prefer to curl up or stretch out, or is it a mix of both?

b.   This will help determine you’ll need two sizes and styles of beds that would suit them best.

4)  Material: Cats may have preferences for certain materials.

a.   Some may enjoy the softness of plush beds, while others may prefer a cooler surface like a raised cot.

5)  Washability: Look for beds that are easy to clean.

a.   Removable covers or machine-washable beds are ideal for maintaining good hygiene.

6)  Location: Consider where you plan to place the cat bed.

a.   If your cat likes to be near you, choose a bed that can be easily moved around the house.

How Many Different Types of Cat Beds Are There?

There are lots of them; there are probably enough different types of Cat Beds on the market to give your Cat a different Bed for every day of the year. 

Now that we have covered the important factors to consider, let’s read up on 12 cat bed types and options that come to mind:

I.        Enclosed Cat Beds: These beds provide a cozy and secure space for cats who like to curl up and feel protected. They often have a hood or a partially covered design.

II.        Open-Style Cat Beds: These beds are suitable for cats who like to stretch out while sleeping. They offer more room and allow for easy access.

III.        Cat Caves: Cat caves are perfect for cats that enjoy hiding and feeling snug. They provide a secluded and comforting space.

IV.        Window Perches: Cats love to observe the world outside. Window perches allow them to enjoy the view while basking in the sun.

V.        Heated Cat Beds: Especially beneficial for older cats or those who seek warmth; heated cat beds provide a cozy spot during colder months.

VI.        Cooling Mats: Ideal for warmer climates or cats who tend to overheat, cooling mats provide a comfortable and cool surface for them to rest on.

VII.        Orthopedic Cat Beds: These beds are designed with extra support and cushioning, making them perfect for cats with joint or muscle issues.

VIII.        Raised Cots: Raised cots provide good airflow and keep your cat off the ground. They are suitable for cats that prefer a cooler sleeping surface.

IX.        Donut Cat Beds: Donut-shaped beds offer a soft and cozy space for cats to curl up. They often have plush sides for added comfort.

X.        Hammock Beds: Hammock beds are a fun and comfortable option for cats that enjoy lounging and swinging.

XI.        Travel-Friendly Cat Beds: If you frequently travel with your cat, consider a portable and foldable bed that can provide them with a familiar sleeping space wherever you go.

XII.        DIY Cat Beds: For the creative pet owners, making your own cat bed allows you to customize it according to your cat’s preferences and your own style.

Choosing the Right Bed for Your Kitten or Mature Cat

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the ideal bed for your specific kitten or cat. Take into account their preferences, sleeping patterns, size, and age. Certain beds might be better suited for kittens, while others might be more appropriate for older cats.

For kittens.

Enclosed cat beds or cat caves provide a sense of security and mimic the warmth and comfort they experienced with their mother and littermates. These beds offer a cosy and safe environment for them to sleep and relax.

For Mature cats.

On the other hand, may prefer open-style beds or raised cots that allow them to stretch out and enjoy a cooler sleeping surface. Orthopedic beds are also beneficial for older cats with joint issues, providing them with the necessary support and comfort.

Ultimately, the goal is to choose a bed that meets your cat’s specific needs and preferences. Observing their behaviour and considering their comfort will help you make the right decision.

Seek permission from your Cat Overlord prior to purchase.

It’s not only a luxury to buy your kitten or cat a cosy bed; it’s a need for their wellbeing. Cats need a safe and cozy place to rest and sleep, and providing them with the right bed promotes better sleep and overall health.

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, please do think about your cat’s age, size, sleeping patterns, and preferences when selecting a bed for them.

Examine the many options that are available, and don’t be scared to try out different beds until you and your pet find the ideal match.

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