Happiness and safety for our furry little friends

We love and care for our furry friends as if they were our children

Welcome to ‘My Pet Support’, a place where the health, happiness and safety of our furry little friends comes first

Kittens love playing with toys

Despite the fact that they are not biologically linked to us, we love and care for our dogs just as if they were our children. Pet ownership comes with its own set of difficulties, but with the appropriate techniques, you may have the friendliest pet on your street.

Ensuring your Pet gets some exercise is 100% necessary to keep your pet healthy. You’ve got to do it folks, even though sometimes I know you just don’t feel like it.

So come on now, get up from the couch and take your dog for a stroll around the block.   You’ve got to exercise your furry buddy on a regular basis, even on your worst days, when you’ve had a crappy day at work.

It can be challenging to walk through supermarkets without being inundated by labels proclaiming that a particular brand is the greatest choice for your pet. However, a product is not necessarily healthful just because it is vegetarian, grain-free, or certified organic. Many pet owners pay little attention to two important aspects of their pet’s diet: portion size and calorie density. For instance, more expensive brands that substitute animal items for grains assert that they are healthier, although they are typically higher in calories and should be consumed in moderation. Find a pet calorie calculator online, which you may use to determine the precise number of calories your pet should be taking each day, rather than estimating serving sizes for them at mealtimes.

You may not fully appreciate it but pets benefit from socializing, it’s part of the mix for them to develop into healthy, well adjusted individuals. You should start exposing your dog to strange people, animals, places, and experiences as soon as possible, especially whilst they are still pups.

You can’t be expected to amuse your pet all the time. Provide your home with toys and other items that will excite your pet’s senses so they won’t become bored when you’re not home or if you’re watching ‘Stranger Things’ on the TV and just don’t want to be distracted. For both cats and dogs, food-dispensing toys are a terrific option, especially if you want to keep them interested for a long time.

cat play toys - mice


cat play toys – mice

The thought of your pets being emotionally torn apart by separation anxiety can be very distracting for pet owners who leave home very early in the morning to go to work, especially when you know you’ve got a busy day at work ahead of you. Destructive chewing, excessive urinating, and persistent barking and whining are all stress-related behaviours in pets. Cats, contrary to popular belief, can be unhappy when their owners leave; however, they typically express their displeasure through more subdued means, such as excessive grooming. 

Giving your pet something scented with your scent is one way to help them cope with separation anxiety. When you aren’t around, a blanket or piece of clothing that smells like you can help them feel less lonely.

Baths are necessary on a regular basis; fortnightly is a reasonable option, but they can be stressful for both of you. If your dog or cat dislikes baths, try feeding them breakfast or dinner while they bathe to teach them that baths are a pleasant experience.

Fido gets a bath


Fido gets a bath

No one wants to imagine losing their pet, but there are plenty of precautions you can take that will make them easier to locate in case the worst should happen. Please get your Pet micro-chipped, registered with Central Animal Records (CAR) and registered with your local council.  Buy them a good collar, display the tags you get from CAR and the council and write or etch your details and your Pets details onto the collar.

Not only could this save his or her life if they run out into the road, but it will also make your pet easier to find if he or she has walks a bit too far from home one day.

Pet Identification


Pet Identification

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