Homeless Cats and Dogs

cats and dogs should not end up homeless

Homeless Cats and Dogs Should Never Happen.

Most of us are good with allowing our pets to socialize but not every pet parent thinks about the consequences of letting their cat or dog socialize a little too much, especially if they are not sterilized.

Every year, thousands of unwanted litters are born via un-sterilized dogs or cats and too many of them:

1.    End up in shelters.

2.   Become feral after being dumped out into forests.

3.   Are placed outside and ignored deliberately and then they end up wandering the streets trying to find food and possibly a new home.

All three of those outcomes are incredibly sad and these instances must be avoided.  By having your dog or cat sterilized, you will do your part to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens and prevent some of these truly terrible situations taking place. 

Unless you are going into business as a registered pet breeder, you should be getting your pets spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

The Many Reasons Why Cats and Dogs End Up Homeless or Abandoned.

It is a heartbreaking reality that many cats and dogs find themselves homeless or abandoned.

The reasons behind these situations are numerous and varied, but often stem from poor planning on the part of the people who initially wanted these pets.

Even though it is such a sad topic, let us explore some of the common reasons why pets end up homeless and discuss the importance of responsible pet ownership, spaying/neutering programs, and community education to address these issues.

Shifting Priorities Lead to Moving to New Homes or Apartments.

One of the leading causes of pet abandonment is when people move to new homes or apartments where pets are not allowed.

It can be a difficult decision for pet owners to give up their beloved companions, but sometimes they feel they have no other choice.

This situation highlights the importance of thoroughly researching pet-friendly housing options before making a move, to ensure that our furry friends can come along with us.

Landlord Policies Change & You Are Now Faced with Pet Restrictions.

Another reason pets end up homeless is due to strict landlord policies that do not permit pets in rental properties.

This can be incredibly disheartening for pet owners who may have limited options when it comes to finding suitable housing that allows their furry family members.

It is crucial for landlords to consider implementing pet-friendly policies to help reduce the number of pets being surrendered or abandoned.

Excessive Number Of Animals in the Household.

When a household has too many pets, it can become overwhelming for the owners to adequately care for all of them.

This can lead to neglect or relinquishment of some animals.

It is important for individuals to assess their ability to provide proper care and attention to multiple pets before bringing them into their homes.

Responsible pet parenting includes ensuring that each pet receives the love, attention, and resources they need.

Unable to Afford Pet Costs Due To Increasing Cost Of Living.

homeless people cannot afford pets

The financial burden of pet care, including food, veterinary bills, and other expenses, can sometimes become overwhelming for pet parents.

When faced with financial difficulties, especially now with the cost of living forcing people to become homeless, some individuals may feel they have no choice but to give up their pets.

Make no mistake, the cost of living pressures we are all now experiencing has contributed to a surge in pet abandonment.  This is leaving animal shelters overflowing and struggling to cope.

Shelters are at or over capacity due to an alarming rate of pet surrenders and I was incredibly saddened to learn that some shelters have even stopped accepting new animals altogether.

The cost of living, including expenses like rent, people food, pet food and vet care, has become a significant factor in pet abandonment. People facing financial strain and potential financial ruin are finding it increasingly difficult to care for their pets.

Ridiculously high accommodation costs are sending people broke.  In some areas ever increasing housing costs have forced people to sadly give up their pets. Some individuals are living in their cars and in tents with their children and just simply cannot afford to look after their pet any longer.

In this current era, it is crucial for potential pet parents to consider the long-term financial commitment of owning a pet and to have a plan in place to ensure they can provide for their fur babies.

Some Other reasons people abandon their pets.

very sad pets are homeless

Behavioural issues such as aggression, excessive barking, or other problems can strain the relationship between pet owners and their animals.

In some cases, owners may feel unequipped to handle these issues and choose to surrender their pets.

It is important for individuals to seek professional help and guidance when faced with behavioural challenges, as many issues can be addressed and resolved with proper training and support.

Inadequate living conditions or lack of space can make it challenging for individuals to provide a suitable environment for their pets.

This can include cramped apartments, lack of outdoor space, or unsuitable living arrangements. It is crucial for potential pet owners to assess their living situations and ensure they can provide a safe and comfortable home for their pets before bringing them into their lives.

Pet Illnesses/Serious health issues or chronic illnesses can place a significant emotional and financial strain on pet owners.

In some cases, individuals may feel they are unable to provide the necessary care and support for their pets and may choose to surrender them. It is important for pet owners to consider the potential health issues that may arise and to have a plan in place to address them, including access to veterinary care and financial resources.

Major life events such as divorce, job loss, or illness can force people to make difficult decisions regarding their pets.

These situations can upend the stability and routine that pets rely on, making it necessary for individuals to re-home their animals.

It is important for pet parents to have contingency plans in place for unexpected life changes, ensuring that their pets’ well-being is taken into account.

Un-spayed or un-neutered pets can produce unexpected litters, which can overwhelm owners who may not be prepared for the responsibilities of caring for multiple animals.

This can lead to pets being surrendered or abandoned. It is essential for pet owners to spay/neuter their animals to prevent unplanned litters and contribute to reducing the number of homeless pets in our communities.

I think there are also plenty of times where homeless dogs and cats are lost and unable to be reunited with their families. This is mostly preventable though.  Pet Parents need to take precautions to prevent their pets from becoming lost.

Proper identification tags and micro-chipping are not a difficult task to complete.  Additionally, community education on the importance of reporting found pets and checking local shelters can help increase the chances of lost pets being reunited with their families.

Addressing the issue of homeless and abandoned pets requires a collective effort towards responsible pet parenting.

This includes:

I.        Thoroughly researching pet-friendly housing options

II.        Don’t take on a Pet unless you are financial stable and will be able to meet the costs of pet care long term.

III.        Seek professional help from your Vet for problematic pet behavioural issues; these can usually be resolved without too much drama.

IV.        Provide suitable living conditions and have contingency plans in place just in case you do experience major life changes.

V.        Spaying/Neutering Programs and Community Education.

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