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Note, this article should be read in conjunction with my Pet Insurance Page, where you can read up on what I consider makes a good Pet Insurance Policy

I’ve recently spent considerable time researching what are most people looking for with Pet insurance, specifically with regards to dogs in Australia.

What I’ve discovered is that people are looking beyond cheap monthly premiums for their dogs.   They seem to care more about having quality Pet Insurance for their dogs, seemingly more that what a lot of people do about the quality of their own health insurance.

It might be that too many people over the years have shared their stories about the BOAT syndrome when it comes to paying for a very sick or injured dog.

Bring On Another Thousand (BOAT).

I think this is why there a few Pet Insurance Companies out there that might seem to be a little expensive when it comes to premiums but they are doing fantastically well in the marketplace.

The one in particular I’ll be commenting about today seems to strike up very good relationships with their customers.   My research on customer feedback was rich with peoples comments about how they actually seem to love their Pet Insurance Company.   Sure, I expected to find people that might be happy about the fact that they’ve received good value for the monthly premiums and yep, that might deserve reasonably appreciate feedback as everyone enjoys a good deal.

I just did not expect to see so many warm and heart felt comments for a Pet Insurance Company that you would think is just basically doing exactly what they advertise.


Especially when people are using the word ‘love’ when talking about a Pet Insurance Company, I found it really strange and you can bet it absolutely sparked my interested, so I decided to dig a little deeper.

Please allow me to introduce you to Petsy Pet Insurance.

Petsy Pet Insurance for Dogs

At first I thought their name was a little gimmicky and in the back of my mind, I don’t think I was really prepared to take them seriously but I’m so glad I did take them seriously because they do seem to be one of the top few Pet Insurance Companies around.

I’m not going to compare Petsy to this other companies because I believe the things that make Petsy Pet Insurance so popular and well thought of are a little different from how a person might typically compare one product to another.

So I’ll just comment about why I like Petsy so much. Don’t get me wrong, Petsy isn’t perfect, but they are trying very hard to make Pet Parents happy, which is a very nice quality for a company to have in these uncertain and financially draining times.


Petsy Pet Insurance offers a few levels of cover and you can as well as the option to create your own plan and be very specific about what you want from your cover, the annual limit, % benefit, the annual excess and what extras to include or exclude. 

They offer a $25k annual benefit, which is a little standard and a tad disappointing, but they don’t have sub-limits, which is fantastic in my opinion.

Petsy are a specialist and very focussed Pet Insurance Company.

Petsy are a very focussed Pet Insurance Company

Whereas other insurance providers who have entered the Pet Insurance game can also offer you insurance on almost anything and multi-policy discounts. Petsy specialises in pets, nothing more, nothing less, and they are extremely transparent about all relevant information, which I admire.

Personally, I despise having to sift through mountains of information in order to understand all of the fine print. Petsy offers simple pet insurance with customisable cover options, and they appear to understand that if they don’t look after their customers, their customers will leave; there’s simply far too much competition in this industry these days to have the wrong idea about who’s in the box seat and who isn’t.

Petsy is an Australian-owned company that appears to be very proud of the way they deal with Pet Parents and Veterinary Practices, and you can certainly understand why when you read up on what some Vets and customers think of them and their style of communication and interaction.

Petsy doesn’t limit their open and honest communication style to just Pet Parents and Vets; they’re out there meeting with dog breeders, shire councils, rescue centres, and shelters. They appear to understand that in order to best serve Pets, they must have a thorough knowledge of the Pet World based on where you live.

This is why, as I previously stated, comparing Petsy to another Pet Insurance Company using typical or traditional methods would not work.

Petsy has been increasingly collaborating with local businesses and actively donating to charities, demonstrating that they have a heart as well as an understanding of what distinguishes a business from the competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the Petsy Org Structure excelled in business school.

No matter where you look, any website that provides customer satisfaction ratings, will have Petsy either as the highest rated or the 2nd highest rate, I’m yet to find anything else.    

The thing I like about the about the Petsy Pet Insurance ratings too is that they will be based on a rather large number of reviews, people seem to go out of their way to share their experiences with Petsy, they want people to know how happy they are.

My Summary about Pet Insurance claims as relating to Petsy Pet Insurance.

Quality Pet Insurance for dogs

1.     They approve and pay the claims; I challenge anyone out there to find comments on the internet claiming that Petsy would not approve and pay the claim. I believe the lack of negativity in this regard is due to their transparency; people understand their plans and don’t make frivolous claims for things they aren’t covered for, perhaps?

2.    Excellent customer service, pet knowledge, and the people who answer the phones are very knowledgeable about their product.

3.    They make it very simple to file a claim, process claims quickly, and deposit payments into their customers’ bank accounts as soon as possible.

4.    People fully understand their coverage and make appropriate claims. This relates back to their openness about their details.

5.    They occasionally provide some very nice introduction offers, as well as the usual limited time offers, promotional codes, and reasons for giving people discounts. People in Australia value all of these things.

I would have liked Petsy to offer higher limits given how expensive everything in Australia is now and is expected to be within the next 12 months.   If your dog needs some major surgery, the costs can be astronomical, some might even say unbelievable.   However, $25,000 is a good number if you can expect to get 90% of that back.   What’s the point in being able to take out a $40k per year limit pet insurance policy if the company is only going to pay you back around 60% of that?

Sure, opting for a $25,000 per year limit will result in a significant monthly premium, but consider how expensive it can be when something goes wrong with your dog and they end up in the hospital for extended periods of time. Major surgical and hospital bills for dogs can be so exorbitant that it might raise an eyebrow in the eyes of someone like Elon Musk.

Although they are not the only company to do it, very few do follow in the footsteps of Petsy Pet Insurance and have absolutely no sub-limits.

Except for a few very good companies, almost every other pet insurance company policy I reviewed imposed sub-limits on their customers.

I’m not sure why the other companies do this because I imagine that once people realise that companies like Petsy Pet Insurance exist, they’ll all jump ship and join Petsy.

In any case, the absence of sub-limits on Petsy Pet Insurance means that you can claim up to your overall benefit annual limit on any claimable item covered by your policy without being restricted by a specific sub-limit cap.

Obviously, you never take someone’s word for it when it comes to insurance; you check the PDS to see what treatments and procedures are covered and don’t stop going through it until you fully understand it.

Pet Insurance Plans from Petsy provide an appealing, all-inclusive range of coverage.   When you consider that the most common complaint from pet insurance customers is that their providers do not pay for their pets’ essential care, choosing a plan with Petsy Pet Insurance that comes with rather extensive coverage by default may help you avoid experiencing the same thing.    Petsy, unlike most other pet insurance companies, provides coverage for animals as young as 6 weeks old, just in case you weren’t impressed with them yet.

Surprisingly, Petsy is possibly one of the only or very few providers that offers customers the option to exclude the costs of vet consultations from their policy, essentially lowering what you’d pay in premiums. To remove the consultation coverage from your policy, simply contact Petsy through one of the approved channels.

Another way Petsy tries to please their customers is by offering a variety of add-on cover options that are available for both the comprehensive and build-your-own plans. Dental problems, behavioural problems such as excessive licking, fur pulling, pacing, and destructive chewing are additional concerns. Complementary therapies like acupuncture, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy are also available. Petsy does not offer a routine care cover add-on, in contrast to many other providers. It’s probably not a disadvantage at all given how frequently the value of routine care coverage is restricted, but rather a benefit.

As with most pet insurance providers, Petsy allows you to visit any registered vet in Australia and when you combine this with the fact that they make is so easy for their customers to process claims via their Portal (A specifically designed website for making claims and other accessing other information relating to your policy) and the fact that your claims are typically processed within 5 working days, there’s a lot to smile about when it comes to Petsy Pet Insurance.

Even travelling with a pet is covered. In addition to being covered all over Australia, you will also be protected if the scope of your vacation takes you to New Zealand or Norfolk Island, which is not too shabby folks.

Another optional feature offered by Petsy is emergency pet boarding, which covers the cost of boarding your pet for up to 30 days in the event that your much love doggy is unexpectedly hospitalised for four or more days in a row.

Another great feature you should demand when buying pet insurance in Australia is lifetime coverage. Naturally, as you might anticipate, Petsy Pet Insurance provides lifetime protection. Although you must apply for coverage prior to your pet’s ninth birthday, you can benefit from lifetime coverage as long as you keep renewing your plan without any gaps in coverage.

Petsy appears to take pride in helping others and is active in the community.   It is dedicated to sustainable practises, recycling and uses materials able to be composted and for the most part is only digital (paperless) whenever possible.

Petsy is also passionate about assisting small businesses, giving back to the community, and advancing causes that are important to it. There are many benefits to Petsy Pet Insurance, but the one thing that might turn people away is that they are not cheap.

They are, indeed, one of the most expensive premiums you will come across, but while this may be the case, I ask you to keep an open mind.

What’s the point of having a low-cost Pet Insurance policy that covers little and is unlikely to pay your claims? There is no getting around the fact that you get what you pay for. Instead of paying less for substandard coverage through a less than wonderful Pet Insurance Company, you might prefer to pay more for pet insurance through Petsy that provides the necessary protection.

It’s not all beer and skittles with Petsy Pet Insurance though.

Petsy Pet Insurance is not perfect

Unfortunately, I can’t find any evidence that they provide a ‘Gap Only’ claim service, which seems strange given how impressed I’ve been with them in so many other ways. I’m not sure if this was a major oversight or a lack of understanding about what people really want. If I’m only covered for $50 on something and the Vet charges me $80, I’d rather pay $30 right then and there and get on with my day. Real-time gap only claim assessments are a must-have; I’m not sure why they don’t have this.

The good new is that they won’t leave you waiting too long for most things.

Petsy Pet Insurance Waiting Times

Waiting periods exist with all pet insurance companies, we all know that.   However, not all waiting periods are the same across all policies. While Petsy Pet Insurance has a one-day waiting period on specified injuries, which is not as good as most other companies tat have no waiting period, they do make up for it.

Petsy Pet Insurance offers a much shorter waiting period of 14 days on certain illnesses, compared to a month with most other Pet Insurance Companies in Australia.   Then they drop the ball somewhat by expecting people to wait up to 6-months with alarmingly long waiting period on certain pet health conditions, and on optional dental and behavioural add-ons.

In conclusion, please do consider Pet Insurance

Consider if you can afford Pet Insurance

Please consider if you can afford Pet Insurance, shop around and look at the finer details.   It’s the fine print that causes the most problems in my experience.

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “It’ll be all right, nothing bad will happen,” I’d be richer than Elon Musk or any of his rocket-building mates.

Yes, bad things do happen, and they often happen to the ones in our life we care about the most.

For many people, their dog is the most important being in their lives, and I completely understand why; the unconditional love dogs can give us is amazing.

This is why I believe it is critical that we do not take any chances with the quality of health care plan you can provide them.    I personally don’t like the comparison websites, I prefer the old fashion way of ringing up and finding out all the info I need from another human.   I’m one of those crazy people that actually enjoy using a phone as a phone.

After all, when back luck strikes your pet down and you need your Pet Insurance Company to come through for you.     What gets you through these hard times is a mixture of the behaviour of the human on the other end of that phone call to the Pet Insurance Company and the peace of mind that you get from knowing exactly what you are covered for and that they are not going to give you and trouble.

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