Strange and mysterious cat Business.

Unlocking the Secrets around strange and mysterious cat antics

This article provides the viewer with a rare look behind the curtain

Secret Cat Business

Have you ever wondered why Cats have a few strange and mysterious behaviours associated with them pooping?

Cat Pooping

Cats sure do love their privacy when they poop, and I’d even go so far as to say that they must have it.   Cats have a natural propensity to hide poop, but this behaviour is not only a result of their obsession with cleanliness. Cats have historically used urine and excrement to indicate their territory, which is why they now carefully bury their waste. Cat poop and pee contain distinct compound scent markers called pheromones that enable cats to distinguish one cat’s waste from another.

When the wild equivalents of our pet cats roamed the wild in ancient days, they would frequently compete for territory. Apparently, the dominate Cats didn’t bury their poop to indicate that they wanted to claim a specific ‘block of land’. The ‘Not-So-Dominant’, Smaller, weaker, cats buried their poop to ensure that the dominant cats didn’t feel as though they had anything to worry about from them.

From there I imagine it just evolved/developed into always burying the poop when they allowed humans to think they had become domesticated and they want us to believe there’s nothing to worry about.

the cat police

Another thing you’ve surely noticed is the amusing behaviour once they’ve finished burying their poop, in which they take off sprinting at ‘maximum warp’ speed.

Cats running

There are a “poopload” of various explanations for why they do this, but the one that seems to appear the most in articles is that action of pooping stimulates a particular nerve, giving them a powerful jolt of energy that encourages the abrupt burst of sprinting.   The next most popular reason which I find somewhat logical given their high intelligence, is that they wouldn’t want predators to be able to track them based on the smell of their poop, so they would ‘do their business’ far from their home and, once done, rapidly flee and return. I extend this thinking to how maybe the dominant cats would stalk the weaker ones from the poop scent and they were just making sure a bully couldn’t track them down and beat them up.

Oh yeah, the final and a bit silly explanation has to do with their highly developed sense of smell, which makes them run away from their poop as soon as they’ve finished burying it since they can’t stand being anywhere near it for even a second longer.

I love our Cat Overlords enigmatic & ‘Secret Cat Business’ ways and I’m not sure I want all of their clandestine details to be revealed, where’s the fun in that?

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